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Government announces major review into HGV driver training

The following is taken from A sweeping review will seek to improve compulsory ongoing training for HGV and bus drivers, in the latest of 30 measures to support the road haulage sector and encourage even more people to return to the profession. Drivers currently need to undergo 5 days of periodic training every 5 years to ensure they remain fully qualified to drive heavy goods vehicles and buses professionally and up to date with road safety standards. Read more at this [link].

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The figures behind the HGV shortage show a continued issue with retention

Whilst the industry can take some solace in the fact that the number of HGV drivers within the UK grew by 30,00 in the third quarter; there is also grounds for concern as 9000 drivers aged 45 and under leave the profession within the same period. This is an unexpected turn for the industry; perhaps releasing some of the pressure and concerns the whole industry has felt since the start of the pandemic. But the inability to retain drivers within the…

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The Office of the Traffic Commissioner Asks – Is your Satnav fit for purpose?

In the period of 2020/2021, there were 1624 incidents involving the Network Infrastructure alone. Many of these incidents involve commercial vehicles using inappropriate routes for their vehicle height or weight limit. Each of these incidents creates congestion and risks the safety of other road users; as well as significant financial implications for both local services and councils. Following a bridge impact in St. Helens, a public inquiry was held and concluded that among many other issues; such as expired license, failure…

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Temporary relaxation of the enforcement of the retained EU drivers’ hours rules

The current temporary relaxation of drivers' hours ends on 31 October 2021. If you have made use of the relaxation, you must submit a completed a follow-up notification form by 7 November 2021. Please note: The temporary relaxation of drivers’ hours has been extended until 9 January 2022. You can find all of the documents and details here, or use the links below.

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Office of the Traffic Commissioner Updates Covid-19 Advice

The main changes involve the registration of local bus services and are: Services operating under a temporary variation can continue doing so until 31 March 2022 (previously 31 December 2021) No new temporary variations using the shortened process can be accepted for services in England and Wales from 1 January 2022, and from 1 February 2022 for services registered in Scotland Operators of coach services that are registered as local services are encouraged to work with local authorities…

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Concerns within industry over proposed changes to cabotage

The regulations commonly known as "cabotage" currently limits international drivers to two deliveries within the UK over a seven-day period- including the one they enter the country with. The Department for Transport is proposing waiving theses rules in light of the current HGV driver shortage; as a means to keep the industry moving over the upcoming holiday period. However experts within the industry suggest the move doesn't tackle the issues that are keeping people out of the industry and will have a…

Read more release two new pages to tackle HGV shortage

Through a combination of the Department for Transport, Department for Education, the Home Office, Ministry of Defence & the Cabinet Office; the UK Government have released two new sites to attempt to tackle the current UK HGV driver shortage. The first is targeted hub, designed to display and highlight news, updates and advice related to the HGV industry; which can be found at [this link]. The other is a blog called [The Education Hub]; which presently covers topics such as the Governments'…

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Traffic Commissioners launch Twitter account

The following is taken from an email circular output by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner: The Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain are launching their Twitter account today. Our tweets will be geared towards road safety and compliance in the HGV and PSV areas. Follow us to keep up to date with our latest releases. The twitter handle we are using is @TrafficCommsGB and we are Twitter Verified.

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