Criminal Law

Increased fines for hauliers carrying migrants meets stiff opposition

The UK Government has recently outlined plans in increase the fines issued to drivers found to be carrying migrant stowaways; as part of their New Plan for Immigration, though many within the haulage industry have argued against them. With the current UK Driver shortage after Brexit and the countries separation from Europe, many in the industry are concerned that this will simply exacerbate an issue which is already affecting all corners of the UK's supply chains and logistics industry. Logistics UK (Formerly…

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Drink drivers face swifter justice with new roadside breathalysers

New roadside breathalyser technology and a new approach to road casualty investigation. Government announces bold package of measures to improve road safety Measures include £350,000 for a competition to bring a new mobile breathalyser to the market £480,000 for the RAC Foundation to trial an innovative new approach to road casualty investigation, looking more closely at what is really causing road collisions Drink drivers are to face swifter justice thanks to new roadside breathalyser technology that will allow police to…

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Fitness to drive legal update

On the 1st January 2018 DVLA released an update 'Assessing Fitness to Drive: A Guide for Medical Professionals'. This guide covers changes on advice given on insulin-treated diabetes, neurological disorders, cardio-vascular disorders, diabetes mellitus and visual disorders. For more information; please see the following links: Information for Medical Professionals. Information for Non-Specialists.

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