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Concerns within industry over proposed changes to cabotage

The regulations commonly known as "cabotage" currently limits international drivers to two deliveries within the UK over a seven-day period- including the one they enter the country with. The Department for Transport is proposing waiving theses rules in light of the current HGV driver shortage; as a means to keep the industry moving over the upcoming holiday period. However experts within the industry suggest the move doesn't tackle the issues that are keeping people out of the industry and will have a…

Read more release two new pages to tackle HGV shortage

Through a combination of the Department for Transport, Department for Education, the Home Office, Ministry of Defence & the Cabinet Office; the UK Government have released two new sites to attempt to tackle the current UK HGV driver shortage. The first is targeted hub, designed to display and highlight news, updates and advice related to the HGV industry; which can be found at [this link]. The other is a blog called [The Education Hub]; which presently covers topics such as the Governments'…

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Traffic Commissioners launch Twitter account

The following is taken from an email circular output by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner: The Traffic Commissioners for Great Britain are launching their Twitter account today. Our tweets will be geared towards road safety and compliance in the HGV and PSV areas. Follow us to keep up to date with our latest releases. The twitter handle we are using is @TrafficCommsGB and we are Twitter Verified.

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DVSA & MoD detail plans to support driving tests

The following is taken from a email circular released by the DVSA: Increase in tests The MoD will initially be providing a number of DDEs to help create thousands of additional HGV tests between now and Christmas. MoD examiners will be carrying out 5 tests a day over a 5-day working week. They are fully trained to carry out HGV tests and will start testing from 11 October. This will be kept under review. We will carry out training courses with these examiners to make…

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Application from ‘phoenix’ business rejected

The following was taken from an email circular released by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner within the last week: The Traffic Commissioner for the West Midlands (Nick Denton) recently refused an application for a standard national goods vehicle operator’s licence because  it was a clear example of a ‘phoenix’ business, one that is effectively seeking to continue a revoked licence. You can read the full circular, plus see details concerning Nick Denton's decision at this [link].

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New government plans to tackle the lorry driving shortage

The following is an exert taken from an email circular released by the DVSA: The government has announced further plans to help reduce the lorry driver shortage. These plans follow the recently announced vocational test changes which will create an extra 50,000 lorry tests every year. DVSA has already delivered 50% more tests than were available before the pandemic. The email then goes on to outline steps such as: Deploying Ministry of Defence driving instructors to assist DVSA examiners. …

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Operator whose vehicle struck a bridge finds their licence being curtailed

The following is taken from an email circular output by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner: A number of incidences of commercial vehicles striking bridges have been reported across the national press in recent weeks. Traffic commissioners have previously issued advice to operators on steps they can take to prevent ‘bridge strikes’. In addition to the potentially catastrophic road safety issues, there are serious financial implications to these accidents, as well as travel delays for commuters. There are also serious implications for…

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Sevington Inland Border Facility Entrance Update

The following is taken from an email circular released by the DVSA: Some heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) have been entering Mersham Village and nearby residential roads when trying to access Sevington Inland Border Facility. You should enter the site via Junction 10a on the M20 before taking the A2070 exit. The correct address for the Sevington Inland Border Facility is: Sevington Inland Border Facility, Ashford, TN25 6GE Full details can be found at this link.

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