Federation of Wholesale Distributors call for Army to help supply the Nation

The Federation of Wholesale Distributors (FWD) has been in constant talks with the UK Government recently as the UK Driver shortage is starting to effect multiple industries including "supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, schools and care homes". Among several measures the FWD has proposed; including reinstating the relaxation of Drivers' Hours, ending furlough for drivers, temporarily waiving the need for medical certificates or a completed Drivers' CPC - The FWD have called for Army staff to be deployed to ensure that supply routes…

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Awards 2021

TMC Assist has an Award Winning Outlook for 2021

As we make our way out of the lockdown and into the year 2021, TMC Assist is continuing to excel in their field; and have received recognition from both Corporate INTL and Expert Witness to show for their efforts. TMC Assist are the proud recipients of the Corporate INTL 2021 - Road Transportation Advisory Firm of the Year award, and the Expert Witness Awards 2021 - Road Transport Advice, UK award. You can see these and other awards that TMC Assist have received on our…

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The UK push to return to Buses

The UK Government set out in September 2019 to 'revolutionise the bus services" across the country. Since then the Department for Transport (DfT) have released funding for 17 successful funding proposals under the rural mobility fund. The Government has released an 84-page strategy document entitled "Bus back better" which outlines all of their plans; including a complete restructuring of the UK's current public transport system to more closely reflect Transport for London. However some within the industry, such as the bus manufacture…

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