If you are interested in joining the Earned Recognition Scheme; please follow this link.

From 24 April 2018 the new Earned Recognition Scheme came into effect, adding a Blue category to the risk scores.

If you run transport in your business and you run under an operator licence, regardless of what type of licence you hold,I.E.; restricted, standard national international, you will fall into one of the categories below OCRS (Operator Compliance Risk Scores):

  • Grey – New Operators /  No Events in Last 3 Years
  • Red – A Non-Complaint Operator (R: 26+, T: 31+, C: 26+)
  • Amber – Compliant Issues Operator (R:11-25, T: 6-30, C: 11-25)
  • Green – Complaint Operator (R: 10 or less, T: 5 or less, C: 10 or less)
  • Blue – An Operator on the Earned Recognition Scheme; Meaning your vehicles are less likely to be pulled over/inspected by the roadside.

R: Roadworthiness; T: Traffic Enforcement; C: Combined Score

Yours score is calculated as follows:

(Year 1 points) + 0.75(Year 2 Points) + 0.5(Year 3 Points); all divided by the total number of events over the three year period.

The New Earned Recognition Scheme is available to operators who meet a certain set of criteria and is based on sharing tachograph and maintenance data with the DVSA,  you will also need to have a DVSA-validated IT system for vehicle maintenance and drivers’ hours, this will monitor whether you’re meeting a set of key performance indicators (KPIs). The new earned recognition scheme is based on rewarding operators who are serious about road safety and if you can meet the criteria you will be accepted on to the scheme and achieve a Blue status.

Knowing your OCRS score is important; the closer your score is to Red, the more likely your vehicles are to be stopped at the side of the road.