The following is taken from an email circular released by HMRC.

Dear Haulier,

There are now fewer than 60 days to go until new processes for moving goods into Northern Ireland under the Northern Ireland Protocol begin. Businesses need to act now to continue to trade smoothly from 1 January 2021. As a haulier or carrier, being able to keep your business running smoothly will be reliant on you and your customers being ready for these new processes.

From 1 January 2021, digital import declarations as well as safety and security declarations will be needed for goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland to ensure that:

  • tariffs are not paid on trade within the UK
  • Northern Ireland can benefit from UK Free Trade Agreements
  • goods destined for Ireland (i.e. the EU) pay tariffs when they should.

Businesses need to be able to submit these declarations. They can use the Trader Support Service to do so. This free-to-use service is now live and ready to support businesses with the changes to Northern Ireland trade.

To help ensure that businesses are ready, we ask you to share information about the Trader Support Service and the changes for goods movements into Northern Ireland with your customers. You will both benefit from signing up at the earliest opportunity and should not leave this until the last moment.

It is critical for you, as a haulier or carrier, to register with the Trader Support Service. Not only will TSS help you get ready to submit ENS declarations, it will also ensure that goods movement declarations for your traders are triggered once you submit an ENS declaration through TSS for your cargo. These declarations will only be able to be processed if your customers have also registered with TSS.

For your business’s sake, ensure your customers are ready for these changes. HMRC have provided the following information that you can use in your communications.

We are committed to ensuring that goods continue to flow smoothly from Great Britain to Northern Ireland from January 1, 2021 when the Northern Ireland Protocol is implemented. We are sure that you are equally anxious that your goods continue to move uninterrupted.

We are asking all our customers to make sure they are ready to submit declarations for goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland from this date.  We will accept the following forms of evidence that you are ready to submit customs declarations:

  1. Registration with the Trader Support Service
  2. A letter from a customs broker or intermediary confirming that they are submitting declarations on your behalf
  3. Written confirmation that you have the necessary software and expertise to submit customs declarations in house 

If you do not have one or other of these proofs that you are able to submit customs declarations, we cannot carry your goods. This is because our trucks will only move through the ferry terminals under the UK’s new Goods Vehicle Movement Service (GVMS) system if the driver has a complete set of declarations for all the goods on their truck.

If you have any questions about the Trader Support Service, you can contact the service directly online.

Act now to ensure that you and your customers are ready.

Lord Agnew signature

Yours Sincerely,

Lord Agnew Kt

Minister of State HM Treasury and Cabinet Office

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