In new figures released by National Rail, nearly 2000 bridges each year are being struck by a HGV vehicle. If you follow the figures, this comes out to 5-crashes a day, and gives total damages exceeding £12.7m each year.

As a means to combat this worrying trend; Stuart Hill, CEO at Pie, outlined two key area’s your can address:

  1. Educate the drivers: 43 per cent of drivers admitted to not knowing the size of their vehicle. If you pair this with the fact that 52 per cent of lorry drivers admitted to not taking low bridge routes into account when planning their journeys, it’s clear we need to educate drivers and route planners rather than relying on quick fixes like warning signs or lights.
  2. Invest in planning and tracking technology: This ensures nothing is left to chance. There are cost effective options on the market which can be downloaded straight to a driver’s phone, such as LLRA (powered by Pie), which takes into account low bridges, right-turn-only navigation, parking restrictions, as well as being 100 per cent compliant with the London Lorry Control Scheme.