The following is an exert taken from an email circular released by the DVSA:

The government has announced further plans to help reduce the lorry driver shortage.

These plans follow the recently announced vocational test changes which will create an extra 50,000 lorry tests every year.

DVSA has already delivered 50% more tests than were available before the pandemic.

The email then goes on to outline steps such as:

  • Deploying Ministry of Defence driving instructors to assist DVSA examiners.
  • Additionally allowing delegated driving instructors from among the three emergency services to conduct driving tests.
  • Sending a detailed letter to former HGV drivers to outlines steps to encourage them to return to the field.
  • Investing £10m in the Department for Education to train up to 3000 additional HGV drivers.
  • An expansion of 5000 HGV fuel tanker & food lorry drivers to the existing visa scheme for the three-month lead up to Xmas.

The full email can be read online at this [link].

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