The following is taken from an email circular released by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner:

Are you registered on VOL? When did you last read the Terms & Conditions on the usage of VOL?
If you represent an operator and use the on-line service, then please review the changes made to the terms and conditions for online access. The main changes are for representatives:


If you are applying on behalf of an operator or applicant you must ensure that this is clear.

You can do this by:
• ensuring the user details are your details and not that of the applicant
• ensuring the user ID reflects your business eg ABConsultants, Xsolicitors
• the e-mail address must be your business e-mail

If you fail to comply with the above requirements or you pretend to be the applicant, the user account may be terminated.

The terms and conditions can be found at or under ‘terms and conditions’ when you log on.

You can read the original email circular at this [link].

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