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FORS Compliance We provide the complete package for clients that are interested in obtaining an operators licence or require its alteration. We provide systems for companies or operators to become FORS compliant, including tool box talks and policies.Here are some examples:FORSStandards_v3.2aThe FORS Bronze Audit Preparation and ContentDriving at Work Safety Management System (work in progress) Systems and enforcement We will create simple records for you drivers to facilitate daily checks, driver hours total or part and disciplinary records we provide…

We have the ability to assist you in managing the safety of your company, reducing your exposure to loss, increased insurance premiums and prosecution for safety management negligence. Some of the things we can advise on include: Hazardous Chemicals We can ensure you are aware of the safest way to store and use hazardous substances in your workplace. Fuel dispensing equipment Reduce the risk of a serious fire in your premises! Ensure your pumps are adequately signed and staff are…

We will be attending court sessions to get the final resolution for the case.

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