We have the ability to assist you in managing the safety of your company, reducing your exposure to loss, increased insurance premiums and prosecution for safety management negligence.

Some of the things we can advise on include:

Hazardous Chemicals

We can ensure you are aware of the safest way to store and use hazardous substances in your workplace.

Fuel dispensing equipment

Reduce the risk of a serious fire in your premises! Ensure your pumps are adequately signed and staff are aware of the risks when refuelling vehicles.

Electrical appliances

Unsafe electrical appliances kill 25 people at work each year and cause about 20% of fires in industrial and manufacturing premises. All of these could be avoided with a little effort and care. We carry out detailed safety audits of clients premises identifying these hazards and reduce the risks to the business accordingly.

Straps and other securing equipment

All straps and securing equipment are subject to the Provision and use of Work Equipment Regulations 1992, PUWER. Our safety audits will highlight those work equipments that present a risk to your employees and others. Systematic inspections will identify those equipments that are safe to use.

Chains and other lifting equipment

Do you have them inspected by a competent person on a regular occasion not exceeding 12 months, who inspects them in between annual inspections? We can identify those equipments as identified in the Lifting Operation and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1999 LOLER and ensure you staff have safe equipment to work with.

Fire Safety

Ask yourself this question. If I have a fire on my premises how long will the fire brigade take to arrive. 4 minutes? 15 minutes?
Fact. 80% of fires are extinguished by staff before the arrival of the emergency services. Also the fire precautions legislation states the requirement that employers must provide the means of fighting fires and suitable training for staff in fire safety.
Fact: A One Mega Watt fire extinguished by a member of staff in 7 seconds. With competent trained staff, a small fire with the potential of putting you out of business is extinguished. There is no point in providing fire-fighting equipment for your premises if no one can use it! Get them trained! Its good business sense!