As you know, keeping your tachograph charts in order can be a tedious and time consuming activity, but it is a necessary evil as the new regulations stipulated according to VOSA. We recognise that sometimes if can be difficult when your drivers leave you with a pile of charts at the end of the week and you’re not sure how well they have complied with the regulations.

TMC Assist offers a full analysis of your company’s analogue and digital tachograph data.

We can collect, or arrange collection of your tachograph charts as required.
We analyse all drivers Tachograph’s and can provide a detailed breakdown of all daily activities.
We will provide you with a detailed and clear report on the following issues;
All of the following is mandatory information.

  • Driver’s hours and infringements.
  • These can be seen as a driver infringement table.
  • The better utilisation of your fleet.

RTD Analysis

  • Provide a report of vehicle’s missing mileage.
  • Identify tachograph and drivers hours training needs.

Along with conventional tachograph analysis, TMC can also provide a forensic analysis service for court cases, accident investigation and public enquiries. This type of analysis involves dissecting the tachograph and then through a microscope, determines where the discrepancies on the chart occur.
Below are examples of some of the faults found. These are usually due to the chart being used for two consecutive days. Sometimes they are caused by a deliberant driver infringement. Whichever is the case, we will inform the operator and issue an infringement notice to the driver on their behalf if so desired.

Digital Tachographs

With the introduction the Digital Tachograph, requiring operators must make regular checks for compliance with the hours regulations, there is also a need to ensure that possible over-speeding is also checked. We at TMC are able to download, analyse and remotely store the information and prepare easily understood reports which can be used to make drivers aware of errors and to identify training needs.
To assist our clients, a mobile office can attend your premises where trained staff can download both drivers’ cards and VU data directly onto a database for immediate identification of potential problem areas and for full analysis at our offices.
Digital data can also be emailed to our secure server for an immediate analysis.

Within a month we can reduce your tachograph infringements by 50%, reducing the likelihood of conviction and the loss of your operators licence.

Sample PDFs for download…

Chart Details

Digital Over Speeding

Driver infringement table

Utilisation Table

Unknown Driver

Weekly Averages