FORS Compliance

We provide the complete package for clients that are interested in obtaining an operators licence or require its alteration. We provide systems for companies or operators to become FORS compliant, including tool box talks and policies.
Here are some examples:
The FORS Bronze Audit Preparation and Content
Driving at Work Safety Management System (work in progress)

Systems and enforcement

We will create simple records for you drivers to facilitate daily checks, driver hours total or part and disciplinary records we provide expert knowledge and advice for any speeding, overloads, tachograph, prohibition infringements, or liaison with the Vehicle Inspectorate.

Public Inquiries

We will represent you and your company should it become necessary at any public enquiry.


Are your vehicles always available? If not then we provide a simple individually unique system of maintenance that will suit your fleet and drivers, this will ensure that all defects are discovered and rectified to the standards set by the vehicle Inspectorate. Your operators licence application / renewal will be assisted by such a system.

The benefits of our proven preventative maintenance system are:

  • Full fleet roadworthiness and no ‘MOT’ failures.
  • The reduction of the risk of prosecution and prohibition.
  • Customer satisfaction and maximisation of assets.
  • The retention of your operators licence.