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Office of the Traffic Commissioner update their advice to Transport Industry

The following is taken from an email circular released by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner: The main changes involve the registration of local bus services and the reinstatement of advice related to maintenance intervals, as follows: Local bus services operating under a temporary variation can continue doing so until 31 August 2022 (previously 31 March 2022), after which they should revert to their pre-March 2020 position Extension of the process for making temporary service variations using the shortened process…

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HGV Tyres over 10 years old are to be banned

Following on from a consultation that was carried out from 23rd June 2019 to 1st September 2019, tyres 10 years or older will now be banned under the new rules; which will make it illegal in England, Wales and Scotland for such a tyre to be fitted to the front axle of HGV, Buses and Coaches. To see the full outcome, and to read an impact report on this ban please follow this link. UPDATE: Further information is available from Gov.uk on…

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