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Updates to Roadside Checks, Vehicle Tests & Load Securing

Over the last few months, the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA hereafter) have been updating a number of online guidance and policy documents you can find online. In late April 2022, the DVSA revised it's guidance on how vehicle defects are categorises during roadside checks; with special attention given to load security. This guidance can be found on the Gov.uk website at the following [link]. In light of the current concern with load security; including such details as obligatory seatbelts, ESC…

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Updates to Brake Performance Testing

In a recent warning issued by the Office of The Traffic Commissioner and the DVSA; both bodies have warned that operators need to change and improve their approach to brake performance testing. As outlined in the recent edition of the DVSA's 'Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness', it is clearly¬†stated that a metered assessment of both vehicle and trailer performance is required during each safety inspection. The guide further outlines that in order to measure the individual brake performance and overall brake efficiencies, that…

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