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The figures behind the HGV shortage show a continued issue with retention

Whilst the industry can take some solace in the fact that the number of HGV drivers within the UK grew by 30,00 in the third quarter; there is also grounds for concern as 9000 drivers aged 45 and under leave the profession within the same period. This is an unexpected turn for the industry; perhaps releasing some of the pressure and concerns the whole industry has felt since the start of the pandemic. But the inability to retain drivers within the…

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Concerns within industry over proposed changes to cabotage

The regulations commonly known as "cabotage" currently limits international drivers to two deliveries within the UK over a seven-day period- including the one they enter the country with. The Department for Transport is proposing waiving theses rules in light of the current HGV driver shortage; as a means to keep the industry moving over the upcoming holiday period. However experts within the industry suggest the move doesn't tackle the issues that are keeping people out of the industry and will have a…

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