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RHA wants your help calling for a Fuel Duty Rebate

With the three goals of aiding the Haulage Sector with rising operational costs, tackling inflation pressures whilst boosting the economy; the RHA are calling on Rishi Sunak to implement a 15ppl fuel duty rebate for hauliers & coach operators. And you can help, by contacting you local MP, and pushing them to apply pressure on the Treasury. The RHA have created a website to aid this process; following this [link] and input your postcode. It will provide you with your local MP…

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Are you prepared for the upcoming changes surrounding rebated fuel?

The following is taken from an email circular released by Tachopak: From 1 April 2022 you must not put rebated fuel into the tank of a vehicle, vessel, machine or appliance that is not allowed to use it. If you’re no longer able to use rebated fuel, you should plan to run down the fuel you have to as close to nil as reasonably practicable before 1 April 2022. You may only use up rebated fuel after 1 April 2022, if the fuel was…

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