Still Not Achieved Your CPC?

As we are now past the original deadline for most Driver’s CPC entitlements, those who have not yet fulfilled their full 35-hour requirement are facing a lose of work and earnings until they can do so.

Please Note: If you do not have your Driver CPC entitlement, you cannot work “for hire or reward” under any circumstances.

We at TMC Assist are running Driver CPC courses every two weeks; you can see information related to our courses, their topics and dates they are being held on this page.

Are we not running a course on any date you are available for? Then please reach out to us to discuss the possibility of ad-hoc course dates (Subject to a minimum attendance of 8-drivers.)

The CPC Deadline is 21-days away – Are you prepared?

As we hurtle towards the deadline for the CPC qualifications, we here at TMC Assist have received a number of enquires from Operators & Drivers who have left it ‘to the last minute’ to complete their Driver CPC qualification.

We ask that Drivers & Operators make a concerted effort to ensure all relevant staff have completed their qualification; as failure to do so will bar you from working for ‘Hire & Reward’ until you complete a NEW Driver CPC qualification – leading to unnecessary expense and lose of earns, to both company and staff.

We currently have one remaining course setup for before the deadline: details can be found here.