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Removing Roadworthiness Prohibitions

The following is taken from an email circular sent by the DVSA: From 1 June 2021, any prohibitions for testable vehicles or trailers that are not cleared at the roadside will be referred for a DVSA prohibition removal inspection at an ATF. The temporary measures were put in place when vehicle testing was stopped because of COVID-19. These are being removed now that the service has recovered to a point where the majority of prohibition clearances can return to physical inspections.…

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Temporary relaxation of the enforcement of the EU drivers’ hours rules: delivery of essential items to retailers

The Department for Transport (Dft), as well as the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have introduced a limited, temporary relaxation of the drivers' hours regulations for drivers' carrying Food & Essentials goods during the period of 10th December 2020 to 30th December 2020. We at TMC Assist caution all operators to read the details in full for this exemption before claiming it for your drivers; and also stress that this exemption is only to a limited, subset of drivers within…

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A Reduction in Exemptions

In a recent update to vehicle exemptions based upon HGV chassis, a significant number of vehicles are no longer exempt from plating and testing. These include: Mobile Cranes Breakdown Vehicles Engineering Plant Asphalt trailers Tower Wagons Road Construction Vehicles (Not including Road Rollers) Electric Trucks (aged 3 years or less) Volumetric Concrete Mixers Fast Tractors All Trailer Types Any such vehicle will need either a valid Goods Vehicle Testing Certificate as…

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