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The UK is facing a HGV Driver Crisis

MP's have already been warning for some time now that the current shortage of  heavy goods drivers in the UK is a ‘ticking time-bomb’ under the UK’s economic recovery. With some figure placing the shortfall at 60,000 drivers and with projections raising this to 257,000 drivers by 2022 the problem is a large and looming one. You can read more about this over at this link.

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FTA calls on the DVSA to review DCPC in light of EU-Mandated Changes

In view of the EU-Mandated changes, that are required to become domestic law within the next two years; The Frieght Transport Association (FTA) has called upon the DVSA to review the delivery of Driver CPC (DCPC). With Brexit fast approaching, the government have laid out that all European Law in operation by 23rd March 2019 will be adopted into domestic legislation. They have also given no indication that the DCPC will be scrapped after Brexit. In their call to action, the FTA…

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The cost of compliance and cleaner city air

What might we expect in the wake of last month's High Court ruling, which found against the government's current clean air strategy? The legally binding outcome, which is not being appealed, compels ministers to come up with a new plan to radically reduce NOx pollution. And fast. But planning is one thing: delivering it equitably, even painlessly, is quite another. There's more. The FTA (Freight Transport Association) and others were concerned that DEFRA's (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)…

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