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Kent lifts it’s HGV parking ban

Back in January 2021, Kent County Council brought in a ban on lorries parking in lay-bys at the end of the UK's transition period to leaving the EU as fears arose about the number of vehicles which would be entering, exiting and staying in the county during the period. Recently KCC has requested a six-month extension, which the Department for Transport has decided not to endorse. You can read more on this at the following link.

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Kent’s lorry parking ban meets stiff opposition

The proposed ban to be bought in by Kent County Council (KCC), would see that lorries cannot park for more than 45-minutes in laybys across large areas of the county. This has been stoutly opposed by Logistic UK, who argue that the 'essential' lorry drivers are already facing enough issues - with mounting work, a lack of additional/replacement drivers and an existing shortfall of somewhere between 1000 & 1200 HGV-suitable parking spaces across Kent. You can read more on Logistic UK's…

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Government releases guidance for International Road Haulage past 1st Jan 2021

With the UK having left the EU, and with the transitional period swiftly running out; the Government has released guidance for what Goods Vehicle Operators will need to carry out International Road Haulage as of 1st January 2021. For full details, please follow this link; however the shorthand list is as follows: Make sure to carry the right operator licence Ensure you have the right permits for your journey Make sure to register your vehicle trailer You…

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