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Stricter laws concerning mobile phone when driving come into effect 25th Mar 22

As you are (hopefully) aware, it is already illegal to text or make a call (expect in an emergency situation) when using a hand-held device whilst driving. As of 25th March 2022, the law will change to also include taking photos or videos, scrolling through music playlists or play games. People caught doing so will face a £200 Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) & up to 6 points on their license. Drivers' will still be able to use 'hands-free' devices; such a phones…

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UK Government to test New Emergency Alerts in East Suffolk

The following is taken from an email circular put out by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner: The government will be testing its new Emergency Alerts in East Suffolk on 25 May between 1pm and 2pm. What Emergency Alerts are Emergency Alerts are messages sent to mobile phones within an area of risk. They don’t need your location or phone number. The service will be used to warn you about life-threatening emergencies such as severe flooding or terror attacks. Only the government and the…

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