TOP update: OCRS customer reports taking longer than expected

The following is taken from an email circular released by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency: We are aware that some users have experienced delays in receiving their OCRS report. Some of the new updates to the system combined with the high volume of downloads have resulted in some customer delays. We are working on a fix to ensure that OCRS reports are available within 30 minutes. No other customer reports are affected. Contacting the Customer Service Centre While we work to…

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TOP update: OCRS customer reports system available from today

The following is taken from an email circular released by the DVSA: The repairs to the reporting system are complete and OCRS reports are now available. Questions If you have any questions about changes to the system, user issues or your score please contact our Customer Service Centre. If you have questions about any technical changes to the content of the OCRS report, please contact the Criminal Analysis Unit: criminalanalysisunit@dvsa.gov.uk. Due to the new features of the OCRS service, the report will take a…

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Changes to the OCRS Score System

If you are interested in joining the Earned Recognition Scheme; please follow this link. From 24 April 2018 the new Earned Recognition Scheme came into effect, adding a Blue category to the risk scores. If you run transport in your business and you run under an operator licence, regardless of what type of licence you hold,I.E.; restricted, standard national international, you will fall into one of the categories below OCRS (Operator Compliance Risk Scores): Grey - New Operators…

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