RHA issues a checklist ahead of the UK’s exit from the EU

The agreed transition period for the UK leaving Europe is to end on 31st December 2020 @ 23:00 (GMT). After this, many new systems and procedures will go into place for any and all haulage entering/exiting the UK into the EU.

To help operators prepare for this, the RHA has issued a checklist which outlines steps you must take NOW and those you can sort out later down the line. Obviously this information may change, and these cannot cover all aspects that are to come with this monumental change to how we operate a border between the UK and The EU, but it is a strong foundation to get yourself prepared from.

This checklist can be read here.

RHA calls proposed changes to the Highway Code “Frightening and irresponsible”

Since 28th July 2020, the Department for Transport (hereby called Dft), has been holding consultation on proposed amendments to the Highway Code. The proposed goal of which is to “introduce a hierarchy of road users, clarify pedestrian and cyclist priority, establish safer overtaking.”

But the RHA has voiced concerns, as they believe the proposed changes will askew the legal liability for collisions towards HGV drivers and those operating larger road vehicles. Additionally, they point out that the new amendments will remove the current advice “…that all road users are aware of the Highway Code and are considerate to others”.

If you wish to read more on the RHA’s stance on this matter, please read here.

If you wish to read the proposed changes under the consultation, please read here.

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RHA voices concerns regarding the future of UK Drivers’ access to the EU

As Brussels continues to refusal to grant UK drivers the access the industry will need to continue operating within Europe, the RHA has recently spoken out on the matter.

With Europe continuing to push for the removal of cabotage, it looks likely the UK will have to follow suit.

Please read more here.

The UK is facing a HGV Driver Crisis

MP’s have already been warning for some time now that the current shortage of  heavy goods drivers in the UK is a ‘ticking time-bomb’ under the UK’s economic recovery. With some figure placing the shortfall at 60,000 drivers and with projections raising this to 257,000 drivers by 2022 the problem is a large and looming one.

You can read more about this over at this link.