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Federation of Wholesale Distributors call for Army to help supply the Nation

The Federation of Wholesale Distributors (FWD) has been in constant talks with the UK Government recently as the UK Driver shortage is starting to effect multiple industries including "supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, schools and care homes". Among several measures the FWD has proposed; including reinstating the relaxation of Drivers' Hours, ending furlough for drivers, temporarily waiving the need for medical certificates or a completed Drivers' CPC - The FWD have called for Army staff to be deployed to ensure that supply routes…

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UK Driver Shortage is Already Effecting Businesses

It has been widely reported for some time now by bodies such as the RHA and Logistics UK that the UK is set to experience a Driver shortage in the wake of Brexit; and it seems now that we are starting to see signs outside the haulage industry of this crisis. On the 8th June 2021, Nationwide Produce; one of the UK's largest fresh food distribution companies confirmed in an article released on their site that literally truckloads of graded food…

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