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Recording Border Crossing on Tachograph Units

Stoneridge have recently posted a reminder concerning standing regulations concerning the proper recording of Border Crossing. Specifically: "Under current legislation, from 2nd February 2022 the driver shall enter the symbol of the country into which he enters after crossing the border of a Member State at the beginning of his first stop in that Member State. The first stop shall be made at or after the stopping point as close as possible to the border. When crossing the border of a…

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A Deep Dive on Smart Tachograph 3.0

With new 'smart' tachographs on the horizon; so called because new features, data manipulation prevention and additional data being stored, let's take a look at what this will actually entail. The Mandatory New Features An ITS interface (Intelligent Transport Systems) – this allows sharing vehicle data or other data with other systems. For example, download systems, but other systems such as on-board computers and mobile apps too. A GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System, or GPS + GLONASS). As it also…

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New Smart Tachographs Fast Approach

With the introduction of Annex 1C (EU 2016/799), we will see the next generation of 'smart' tachograph units being installed in all new vehicles starting 15th June 2019. And with it, we have another change-up of the legislation. This has far-reaching effects on all levels of the industry; so see if and how you will be affected, follow this link to read up on all the approaching changes. Do not leave these changes unanswered till next year. Get informed and be ready.…

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