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DfT releases Haulier Handbook as post 1st Jan Guide

The Department for Transport have recently opened what they are referring to as the "Haulier Handbook" - a one-stop-shop for all information and advice regarding customs procedures, as well as other changes and systems that operators will face after 1st January 2021. The handbook can be found at this link. Additionally, the DfT has released a network of 45 Information and Advice sites across the UK, with facilities to help prepare operators and their staff for the end of the transition…

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Government releases guidance for International Road Haulage past 1st Jan 2021

With the UK having left the EU, and with the transitional period swiftly running out; the Government has released guidance for what Goods Vehicle Operators will need to carry out International Road Haulage as of 1st January 2021. For full details, please follow this link; however the shorthand list is as follows: Make sure to carry the right operator licence Ensure you have the right permits for your journey Make sure to register your vehicle trailer You…

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